Online Tutoring

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many students and families have had to spend their time at home in order to help with ongoing efforts to flatten the curve. As a result, many traditional summer activities have been either limited or cancelled. However, students can take advantage of this downtime to still have fun while learning new skills.

Through online lessons and independent projects, we teach students programming—an increasingly valuable skill in the 21st century. We take students from ages 8-16 and are open to either group and individual lessons. No prior programming experience is required, as lessons are tailored are for each individual person and group.


Many programmers in recent years have gotten their start through Scratch, an online drag-and-drop programming platform that simplifies development and helps students learn the basic principles of computer science. While Scratch projects may be simple to start with, more complex games can also be created. Students with no prior experience will start with simple Scratch projects before graduating to progressively harder projects, culminating in the creation of either a Frogger clone or a personal project. The following are examples of selected Scratch programs made previously by the founders of Technaplex.


For those already experienced with the basics of programming, we offer advice and ideas for new projects, as well as lessons to teach more advanced concepts in object-oriented and protocol-oriented programming.

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Please contact us at for individual or group lesson pricing information. We are flexible in scheduling the date and time of lessons.